Witch Doll

Look who's hanging out in my garden this summer. I just finished her this week. I will be listing her in my Etsy Shop. I know its hard to think of Halloween right now when all the flowers are blooming in the garden.
This is the new table my future son-in-law made for me. I love it!! He made it from an old fence.He is very talented. He makes great furniture from tossed out material. I just love it.
Guess What Im Making !!

First Santa of the Season

This santa is one of my smaller ones. He is about 16 inches. I think is sweet. He will be on ebay this week. I also listed an elf doll that will be on this ebay also.
I guess it is time to say good-bye to Halloween. Christmas is right around the corner. I feel like I just finished halloween witches and its time for Santa. I like to start decorating early this year, I guess will see! I finished my first Santa. I will post a picture of him tonight.
This Witch is on Ebay till Thursday night.
Annie is listed on Ebay till next Thursday.

Primitive Folk Art Pumpkin Doll

I just finished this pumpkin girl. She is made of painted and stained osnaburg. I will have her on Ebay until next Sunday. I love her tag. My daughter makes the tags for me. She does a beautiful job. Check her shop out on Etsy " Primitive Daisy".

Helga The Witch

Helga is listed this week on Ebay. She is made of painted and stained osnaburg. She is a slight green color. She will be on ebay till next Sunday.

Little Miss Witch

I just listed this little Witch on Ebay. I can't believe I am making halloween dollies when its 100 degrees outside. She is one of my smaller witch dolls and she will be on Ebay till next Sunday.